imagesMan is unique with all the personality and characteristic of each. According to a Swiss psychologist, Carl Jung, there are three common types of personality in humans, namely Introvert, Ambievert, and Extrovert. The third personality discount divergent views in decision-making, social interaction, response to problems, verbal and nonverbal communication, as well as various other social responses. This time I will discuss about the human personality. As we know, it has a wide range of human nature, and of the properties that will reflect his personality. But among all three personality types, the most frequently discussed only two, namely Introvert and Extrovert because Ambievert is a combination of nature Introvert and Extrovert.

Previously I’ve read some articles about these three personalities. So here is my summary of the three personality:


Introvert means closed, introverted is a nature and character tend to be aloof. Human introverted personality tends to shut out the outside world. This type is more spend most of their time for solitary activities, such as reading, writing, using a computer, listening to music and prefers to be in solitude or a quiet place. They analytically before talking, feel less comfortable because there are too many meetings and social engagements, prefers to work alone, and prefer to interact one on one interaction. The advantages of this personality type is that they think before speaking or doing something, they are good listeners, and be analytical. Indeed personalities introverts tend to be quiet and a loner, even so it does not mean they do not like anything about sociality. They do not like what some people expect him; do not (want to) hang out or socialize with their surroundings. Introverts do not easily interact with people, not voters, simply because they find it difficult to be open like most people in general.


The opposite of an introvert, Extrovert means open, Extrovert is a nature and character or personality that tends to be opening up to the outside world. They liked the crowd, with lots of interaction and social activities. This personality type is easier to express feelings through words, easily bored with loneliness, and more telling than listening pleasure. The advantages of this type of extrovert self-confidence is high enthusiasm, sociable, active, and able to interact with many people at once. While the term ‘extrovert’ is informal, and it is also very often used to refer to someone with the ability to socialize with ease. Famous Swiss psychiatrist, Carl Jung defines extroversion (or extraversion) as the ability to change one’s mind the interest and energy of events, people and things around him. In psychology, the term refers to people who are more concerned about the practical realities of life, rather than being limited to the inner thoughts and feelings. Cheerful extrovert who has many friends. Excellent communication skills to help them get along with people around with ease. They do not need much time to adapt to the new group, which explains why it is so rare to find an extrovert alone. Gregarious and expressive, extrovert proficient in a romantic relationship. On the other hand, however, they also find it very easy to end the relationship (unwanted). With exceptional communication skills to them, good or bad extroverted express their feelings easily. Does it convey a person’s inner feelings to someone, or start a conversation with strangers, usually done extrovert.

Well, this is the difference of The Introvert Personality traits and The Exteovert (in my opinion) based on what had i readed as following:

No. The characteristics of Introvert The characteristics of Extrovert
1. So glad to be closed and enjoy the solitude. Pleased with people
2. Rarely Introvert People Acting Reckless, Over Think Before Speaking or do something. Confident (sometimes can be exaggerated)
3. Tend to have sensitive and selective attitude. Active
4. Taciturn. More fun working group
5. Prefers to work alone. Prefer interacting with people

at once

6. Preferentially interact directly

with one person (1 on 1 interaction).

Easy going (outgoing)
7. Difficult to get along (squirt). Love activity
8. Too love imagination. More like to tell, rather than

listening to people talk

9. Rarely recalled, prefer to listen to

people talking.

Pleased with many activities

(Streets, going to concerts, hanging out,

partying etc.)

10. Pleased with quiet activities

(Reading, playing computer games, fishing,

Recreation, etc.)

More pleasure of participating in a


11. More delighted to observe in a


Speaking / Perform before think first
12. It is easier to express feelings

with writing.

It is easier to express feelings with


There are some people think that the extrovert much happier than introverts, it is a myth. Because both introvert and extrovert have many sources of happiness on their own. The dominance of nature both have advantages and disadvantages, and therefore, it is important to be able to provide equilibrium to achieve a happy life as well Extroverts and Introverts will grow well if it is managed well too. The human personality is complex. They are formed from experience, personal history, interaction, and culture. An introvert gets the power of ideas and inner reflection, whereas extroverts through external activities. Both of these personalities have their respective powers. Whatever one’s inclinations, both introvert and extrovert, if he is able to accept themselves and develop capabilities, then it will grow into a good person.

well buddies, I think it was just the thing that I want to discuss briefly in accordance what I know from what I’ve readed about the human personality, so you buddies, which one is your personality? Introvert or Extrovert? for you that do not know about that yet, through this article, you can known about that by reading the characteristics of your personality that I have written above and pour it on the table. And the last buddies, Proud of the personality of yours.

See you next time buddies !…


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