Mencintai karena Allah (English Version)

By: Shahidah

The first time I knew you

I felt something is different

I want to be closer to you

But I’m afraid you’ll be uncomfortable
The longer this feeling is buried

The more I want to be closer to you

From a distance I missed you

I hope you feel too
Your Iman and Taqwa that melt these feelings into love

The dream lover I really wanted

May this love be real, Insha’Allah
Ana uhibbuka fillah 

I love you for the sake of Allah

If he is the best for me

Pleaseeee, bring near our hearts, O Allah.

O Allah, You know Best.

3 thoughts on “Mencintai karena Allah (English Version)

  1. He must be so lucky for whom you wrote the poem. I am dedicating two stanzas from a poem “My world” for you:
    “Won’t you be-
    The moon of my dark night?
    I wanna bath my mind
    In your warm light.
    Won’t you be-
    The color of my world?
    I wanna grace my life
    With the charm of your heart.”

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