​A Munafik Bestfriend

Howdy,,, Still, now I want to talk about friendship again.

Well, A friend, who does not need a friend?

I think that a friend is important to our life. Even a friend means a world to someone who loves her friend a lot. A friend can be someone’s happiness.

Well, Based on what I observed around me for years, I conclude that everyone needs a friend or even more. Yet, there are also some people who feel that they are happier to being alone and of course they enjoy it. They might be have their reasons why they want to spend times to be alone (such as reading book, whatching their favourite movies, listening to musics, writing something, online and etc). Ok, now, Let’s forget about those ones who dont need friends and focus on those ones who need.

In my experience and my previous obsevation, I found that most of people need a friend or more. They need friends to spend their time with, to share each other, help each other, hang out together (going to the mall, market, library, the tour destination etc), study, have fun and etc. So, they will feel alone and lonely if they are not with those ones they called “friends”. They will feel bored and such unhappy and then stress because no one to talk with, no one to share with, no one to spend their time with and etc. Then, they feel lazy to go outside because they feel something different or not as usual. 

Sometimes, a friend can play an important role to someone if that friend means to her so much. It is kinda the friend is an important thing in her life, a part of her happiness and in every single days she spends, it is not perfect without her friend. A friend like this one is what I called “Bestfriend”. Yes, bestfriend, and I think one is enough. Even it is only one bestfriend, she can be everything such as a friend, a sister, a savior or a hero, a helper, a nurse, a mother, a motivator and so on.

In my experience, What I found is it is true that a bestfriend play an important role to someone. She (the bestfriend) can be a killer or a savior for her besfriend happiness. Not every bestfriend be a part of her friend’s happiness, some of them might be a killer for her bestfriend happiness. She (the bestfriend) can destroy her bestfriend’s feeling (if she means to her bestfriend so much) by being a betrayer, I called it “A munafik bestfriend”. 

Yeah, the munafik bestfriend is the one who tells you that you mean to her, part of her happiness, loves you, needs you and so many sweet things else that make you trust her and believe that she is your bestfrind. Yet, she has two faces or two different sides of characteristic. In front of you, she acts so wonderdul as she is the best person in the world for u, yet, Behind you, she is your real enemy. She talks your bad things behind you, as you are the worst person ever.

 She says that you are the only friend for her, but soon, U find that she has another bestfriend besides you. And day by day passes, she does not care about you anymore, you think that you lost her, she destroys you inside, make you feel such you are alive but like dying. Yes, because she breaks your trust and makes you feel so empty.

Here you are crying for loosing her and feel a loneliness without her but in the other side, she is laughing with her new bestfriend happily and forget about you, she does not even care about you at all, no matter what. You are nothing more than a forgerttable memory or even a rubbish. Then, it will be so hard for you to trust someone else as your bestfriend.

Now I understand that Salt and Sugar look the same, be careful who you trust. You might pick salt because you think that it is sugar which taste sweet, but when you taste it, you then realize that it is not what you are expected, you made a wrong choise. Finally, you are regret that you trust the wrong person. Well, You met for a reason, either she is a blessing or a lesson. 

Don’t be too much confident when someone tell you they like you. The real question is, until when? Because just like season, people CHANGE. 

You know, Robin Williams says ” I used to think that the worst thing in life was to end up being alone, it’s not. The worst think in life is to end up with people who make you feel alone”, and it is true what he says. And I also once read some quotes which says “What is broken, can be mended. What hurts can be healed. And no matter how dark it gets, the sun is going to rise again. Remember, no matter what you face in life, don’t let go of God’s hand”.

Don’t depend to much on anyone. Everyone will change if they meet new people (who more attractive than you). Nothing can drag you down if you’re not holding on to it. It hurts but its okay because we cannot force someone to feel the same as we feel for them. The worst kind of pain do not come from your enemies but from the people who you trust and love. Never, ever, run back to what broke you. Remember, without respect, there is no love. Never ignore a person who loves you. Because one day you might wake up and realize that you lost the moon while counting the stars.  If you love someone, don’t lie, open up, no secret.

“I respect people who tell me the truth. No matter how bad it is. If you dislike something in me, then tell me face to face, not to talk about me in my back”

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