The Beauty of Tidore City

Waktu bahasa Inggris kita masih parah banget. Maklum lah, conversation ini dibuat pas kita belajar tentang Tourism. Kira-kira pas kita semester 4 atau… lupa. Hehe.

Ririn: Hello, good orning.

Lis: Hi. Morning.

Ririn: How do you do.

Lis: How do you do, too.

Ririn: Welcome to Tidore city, I am here as your tour guide. So, don’t mind to tell me what you want and what you need. Call me Ririn.

Lis: Ow, thank you very much for accompanying me. I am american, i am from New York and you can call me Lis.

Ririn: Ok Lis, here is our destination today, Tahula Fort.

Lis: Sounds great. And it is so interesting. The air in here is too fresh and cool. The panorama is also very beautiful. It’s amazing. Would you mind to tell me a little about this fort?

Ririn: Of course not. Well,  Tahula fort is one of the Spanish-made fortifications that stood on the island of Tidore. This fort is built on rocks which is a very good high point to observe the territorial waters and Tidore land. Spanish competition with the Portuguese also became one of the reasons for the construction of this fort.

Lis: Well, so, when did they build it up?

Ririn: Its construction began in 1610 and became a Spanish defense property until 1662.

Lis: I get the point. Hey, what building is over there?

Ririn: Oh, that’s Torre Tort.

Lis: Really, I can’t believe it. The distance between this place to there is not too far as I thought.

Ririn: Do you know that fort?

Lis: Yes, a little. I ever found the information about that fort on Google then I read it. What I know about that fort is it was built in 1578 by the Portuguese Captain Sancho de Vasconcelos is based on the approval of Sultan Gapi Baguna who was then ruled. The name of Torre is believed to be derived from the name of the other Portuguese Captain, Hernando de la Torre.

Ririn: Yeah, that’s right. wow, you know about it well. In addition, 

Both fort are built on a rock hill, on the west coast of Tidore Island overlooking Ternate. Its function is to become the center of defense over the spice hegemony.

Lis: Yeah, And what is the building  over there?

Ririn: Which building?

Lis: That one over there, the building which has 2 floors that dominated by yellow with a painted blue roof and on the right and left side, there are the ladder going up to the terrace on the upper floor. 

Ririn: Oh. Well, That’s Tidore sultanate.

Lis: Wow… Great, and it is not so far from here, too. This fort has a perfect location. 

Ririn: Miss. Lis, it’s time to have a lunch. Let’s continue it later. C’mon, come with me.

Lis: Okay, thank you.

English is the Most Important Subject

Talk about the subject you consider most important

Of all the subjects that I study in school, I think that English is the most important subject. It is mainly through the English language that we gain access to the various sources of knowledge. 

English is a language which is spoken and understood by many people in most countries of the world. It is, in fact, the most important means of communication among the various countries of the world. Knowledge of new discoveries and inventions in one country is transmitted to other countries through English for the benefit of the world. In this way, English helps to spread knowledge and progress. 

It is true, however, that in the modern age, the study of Science and Mathematics too should be considered very important. Science has conferred many benefits in man. But it requires little thought to realize that scientific principles cannot be understood well without a good knowledge of a language. And, though other languages such as German and Russian are important in the world of Science, it is English that plays the most important role in spreading scientific knowledge. There is in fact no branch of study that has not been communicated in English. The original writings of great scientists, economists, philosophers, psychologists and others who did not speak and write the English language have all been translated into English. Therefore, one who has a good knowledge of English has access to all the sources of information. 

Further, as the English language is used by people of different lands and cultures, it has become very rich. It contains so many words, ideas and thoughts that a good knowledge of English enriches the mind and enables one to express oneself well. It also helps one to think better and to understand the people of other lands. It is for all these reasons that I consider English the most important subject in school.