3×8=24? Yuk Simak Ceritanya!

Suatu hari, ada keributan antara penjual kain dan pembelinya di pasar. “Tiga kali delapan itu dua puluh empat!” teriak pembeli. “Bukan! Dua puluh tiga!” teriak penjual kain melotot. Keduanya saling mempertahankan pendapatnya hingga hampir berkelahi. Bersamaan dengan itu, datang Yan Hui menengahi. Yan Hui adalah murid kesayangan Confucius. “Berhenti…berhenti…ada apa ini?” “Coba kamu jawab, berapa hasil dari tiga kali delapan?” tanya penjual kain. “Oh…tentu saja dua puluh empat.” Jawab Yan Hui. “Aku tidak percaya. Ayo, kita tanya Confucius!” ajak penjual kain. “Tidak perlu bertanya pada Confucius. Sudah jelas tiga kali delapan adalah dua puluh empat!” ujar Yan Hui sambil tertawa. “Ayo kita buktikan!” ujar penjual kain kesal sambil mengajak Yan Hui pergi menemui Confucius.

Sesampainya dirumah Confucius, penjual kain bertanya, “Confucius, jawab dengan benar berapa hasil tiga kali delapan? Jika salah, akan aku berikan kepalaku pada Yan Hui. Jika benar, Yan Hui harus menyerahkan jabatannya kepadaku.” “Baik. Aku setuju!” tantang Yan Hui. “Tenang…tenang! Siapa yang menjawab dua puluh tiga?” tanya Confucius. “Aku” jawab penjual kain. “Benar. Jawaban kamu benar! Yan Hui, serahkan jabatanmu padanya,” jelas Confucius. Dengan berat hati, Yan Hui memberikan topi kepada penjual kain sebagai tanda. “Ah…mungkin Confucius sudah pikun,” gumam Yan Hui kesal sambil berpamitan. “Ingat pesanku. Jika hujan lebat, jangan berteduh di bawah pohon. Jangan membunuh dan cepat kembali jika urusanmu sudah selesai,” pesan Confucius.

Di tengah perjalanan, hujan turun dengan lebat. Di sana, ada pohon rindang dan Yan Hui ingin berteduh di sana. “Mmmm,,,, tapi Confucius bilang aku tidak  boleh berteduh di bawah pohon.” gumam Yan Hui sambil meneruskan perjalanannya. Baru beberapa langkah berjalan, tiba – tiba terdengar suara keras. “Duarr…! Brug…! Yan Hui menoleh kebelakang. Ternyata, pohon rindang tadi rubuh karena tersambar petir. “Oh…Confucius benar!”

Sesampainya di rumah, hari sudah larut. Yan Hui masuk ke kamar mengendap – ngendap karena takut istrinya terbangun. “Hah…ada orang di samping istriku. Siapa dia?” tanya Yan Hui. Yan Hui mengambil pedang hendak membunuh orang itu. Namun, Yan Hui teringat pesan Confucius dan menunggu hingga terang. Ternyata, yang tidur di ranjang istrinya adalah adik istrinya. “Untung aku tidak membunuhnya.” “Ternyata, ucapan Confucius benar. Ia tidak pikun,” ucap Yan Hui. Yan Hui pun segera pergi untuk kembali menemui Confucius. Sesampainya di sana, Confucius menyambut Yan Hui dengan gembira. “Guru, hebat! Kenapa kamu tahu apa yang akan terjadi padaku?” tanya Yan Hui. 

“Kemarin udara sangat panas. Diperkirakan akan turun hujan disertai petir. Lalu, kamu pergi dengan membawa pedang sambil memendam amarah,” jelas Confucius.

“Tahukah kamu, kenapa aku membenarkan jawaban penjual kain?” tanya Confucius.

“Bayangkan. Jika aku katakan tiga kali delapan adalah dua puluh empat maka penjual kain itu harus mati. Jika aku katakan dia benar, hanya jabatanmu yang diberikan. Apakah jabatanmu lebih berharga dari sebuah nyawa?” tanya Confucius.

Dengan malu hati, Yan Hui sadar bahwa Confucius memang hebat dan bijaksana. Untuk itu, Yan Hui kembali berguru pada Confucius.

My Amazing Ways to Cure My Self from The Unhappy Feelings.

Unhappy feelings come when I am in a big trouble I cannot face, brokenheart, when something makes me stress, regret of something, over-afraid of something and etc. I feel pain inside and outside of my body. It is kinda something eat my happiness untill I run out of it.

When those things above happened to me, I feel like I have no energy at all, weak and too lazy, even I forget how to smile, eating and sleeping rarely.  Then I become cold towards people arround me. There is nothing to do caused me get bored, even I think about my problem more and it caused more stress. So, I thought to do something I am interested in.

The old ways:

1. Go outside.

I used to go outside but I avoided the noisy necause it can make my stress get worse. So, I just went to some places that I am sure that it is a quiet place. I wanted to be alone in spending my time. 

Sometimes, I went to the jungle because enjoying its smell makes me feel alive and free. Heard the songs of the birds and insencts around the wild, see the big trees with those beautiful green leaves and enjoy the fresh air could make me feel so relieved, even it was a little cold but I love it. I saw the clouds covered the montain and then the wind moved them away, slowly.

Sometimes I went to the beach when it is sunrise or sunset, I love both. While sitting on the sand, I smelled the aroma of the sea, I heard the wind whispers my ears slowly and touch my skin softly. I heard the sounds of waves, when they came to the edge of the beach and then go. I heard a nice music of coconuts trees when the wind plays its leaves. I watched the blue sky  that seen so clear and some birds played above the sea such they look for food. And I loved to let the sunrise or sunset warmt my body. Lying down on the sand and watch the very blue sky brought me peace in my heart and clear my mind. It was so wonderful to me. It helped me to forget my problem or at least I do not think of it too much because I just focus on the environment in the beach where I was. 

In the night, I liked to sitting beside the window or to lying dowm under the sky in front of my house and watch the moon and the stars for hours and thought of nothing at all. A billions of sparkling stars adorn the sky, made it seen so beautiful view. I loved to keep my eyes on the only start which always twinkling and turned in some colours. Sometimes, I was looking for the ones I wanted to find such as which one was bigger and which one was brighter, which one was Mars, which one was Venus, which one was Jupiter, which one was Saturn, which one was Scorpion, which one was Pieces, which one was Leo, Virgo, Libra etc. Sometimes I saw the shouting star and it suprised me and sometimes I saw an airplane with its twinkle light and I keep saw it untill it disappeared. I enjoyed the cold air in that moment. I really wanted to be alone but sometimes my parents told my brother to accompany me but we never talked to each other and just keeping in silence. I didn’t want to make him bored when accompany me in such a situation but I was so glad because he played his favourite games (but he turned the sound of the phone off because did not want to bother me). Seems weird, right? Some friends told me so, but no one could stop me to do what I want to do.

When rainy, I’ll be very happy. I can get wet in the rain for hours as long as I want to. I often stop getting wet If I feel like I was freeze. It was very something I can’t express it by words.

2. Stay at home.

I would stay at home after I go outside. All I did at home is just to sing my favourite English songs and to dance. I loved singing and dancing a lot. I had a dancing group and we just focus on Korea-Pop dancing. We always got so many invitation to show on the stages and got so many fans.

When I feel unhappy, then I just dance the dancing I like. I prefer Black Pink’s dancing because they were the best dancers from Korea. I like their voice, musics and every moving when they are dancing. I like the way the dance.

Beside Singing and Dancing, I liked watching movie either. I have several movies and animes that I liked them a lot such as Narnia, Big Hero, Naruto, Baruto etc. The Big Hero Movie made me laughing a lot. It Made me feel like I have no problem. 

The newest ways:

Well, In my newest ways to heal my unhappy feeling or anything that annoy my mind and my feeling, I never go outside anymore. I will do it (go outside) if I need to (in necessary) , not to heal stress. Now, I prefer to stay at home. I love home so much. Home become my safe and comfortable zone, my paradise. And These are the ways:

1. Read Quran.

This is an effective way, its power brings me a lot of pleasure, peace, relieved, it takes my happiness back and throw the unhappy feelings away. After I read it, I feel free, Freedom, TOTALLY HAPPY.

2. Zikr (to Allah, My God) and Shalawat (to my beloved Prophet Muhammad saw)

3. Salah (Praying)

4. Read something.

I like to read some scientific books, religion books, novel, news, megazines, poetry and etc that I interested in.

5. Write something.

Sometimes I write anything that I want to write. 

That’s it.

That’s it. What a simple ways, isn’t it? 

Yes, They are, I know. But, The power of those ways make me not to do the oldest ones again. It doesn’t mean that I don’t love the nature anymore. Of course I still love the wild, beach, mountain, sky and all those things that I mentioned in the oldest ways above. But, now I have my own amazing and the greatets ways. Those are the best and the most effective ones.