True Friends

A true friend or best friend is hard to find. A true friend forgives you before you say ” i am sorry”, She forgives you because she believes you have the capacity to be better next time. She Waits forever when you say, “1 minute…” Stays when you say, “leave me alone…” and opens the door, ‘even before you knock…’. Everyone hears what you say. Friends listen to what you say. Bestfriends listen to what you don’t say. So, who is a true friend/bestfriend? Well, A true friend is someone who always by your side whether you need her or not, when you are happy or sad, cry or laugh, calm or crazy, diligent or lazy she will always beside you. Someone who always take care of you, makes you feel happy, help you when you in need her help, always forgive you and bring you on the right way. Someone who know who you are and never leave you when the fun stops and everything go hard.
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